New Harvest Missions International seeks to empower people through society and community-transformation ministries. Day-to-day life is very difficult in West Africa, especially when long droughts destroy the livelihoods of impoverished people in rural areas as their crops fail to grow and they are unable to harvest food for their families. NHMI strives to empower the community in order that they become more productive and ultimately be able to undertake health care, educational, social and economic development projects in West Africa. 

Income generating projects are designed to help individuals and groups in Muslim West Africa with an opportunity to establish viable businesses, agricultural empowerment in rural settings and provide a platform for building community relationships that lead to sharing the gospel. These Income Generating Projects help Christian entrepreneurs acquire assistance and the skills needed to operate, manage and grow their own small business. By providing this ministry project, business owners will be able to support their families, send their children to school, provide for their daily needs, reduce the generational cycle of abject poverty, and help transform their local communities through economic empowerment